Calling all Wild Babes...

Hi, friends! I'm Jessie, and all of this has been a dream in the making. Years and years of growing and learning about oils, botanicals, and loving my own skin. 

I'm a 28 year old mom to the wildest little boy I've ever known. The Wild Babe brand was created with all women in mind. Each of these products were handcrafted and made to nourish your skin and celebrate every body and every shape.

I've gone to some crazy lengths to make sure that the ingredients are gentle on your skin and that each piece of packaging is recyclable and can be repurposed.

The name, "The Wild Babe" is meant to be bold. It's about empowered women, empowering other women. It's everything this dream was built on: being a wild woman, living untamed to the world.

Thanks so much for all the love and support. 

With so much love!